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Fetish Alt Dating Blog & Glossary

All things fetish - for all your kinky needs! Your finest one-stop resource for everything you'd want to know about the fetish lifestyle.

Coochie Coochie Coo, I Want to Tickle You

Like me, maybe your taste for tickling begin as a child, when you realized that it felt really good to get tickled; maybe you enjoyed the uncontrolled laughter of the other person as you did the tickling. Perhaps you discovered you had...

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What's a Pantyhose-Lovin' Man to Do?

Maybe you're new to the fetish world of pantyhose or maybe you're trying to learn more about it. Perhaps you're someone who is shy and afraid to take that next step into the world of pantyhose. Whatever the case may be, I'm here to tell you to...

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Exploring the Foot Fetish May Land You a Hot Date

Finding a suitable partner means you've already gone and explored most of your dating options and preferences. But does that mean settling down as well? Not necessarily. That is, not if you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone and...

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Spanking Fetish

Rare are the fetishes that provide so much creativity and latitude like good old spanking fetish. One can enjoy it without any special aids, using just a hand! It’s simple: bend over your partner (if you’re the dominant one) or make...

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Strapon Fetish

There are no rules in bed when it comes to our fetish of choice. We like to play with it as much as possible, and once we've found our favorite thing, there's no stopping us. Having an equally fun-loving partner makes things just a tad kinkier...

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What the Cuckold Lifestyle is All About

In the traditional sense, cuckold is a partner that allows his wife to be unfaithful to them without them having any knowledge. In this day and age, the definition of cuckold has changed slightly to a sexual fetish where the partner allows...

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BDSM 101: What Does it Stand for?

BDSM is one of those terms that everyone has heard of – and almost no one can give you a straight answer when asked what it stands for. Of course, if you’re a hard core BDSM practitioner with years of experience BDSM has no secrets...

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