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Fetish Alt Dating Blog & Glossary

All things fetish - for all your kinky needs! Your finest one-stop resource for everything you'd want to know about the fetish lifestyle.

Smoking Fetish

Who doesn't like a good cigarette after sex? Well, if you have a smoking fetish, you’ll surely have one after, during and even before the actual event. Smoking fetish might include cigarettes, cigars and even pipes – but we’ll...

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The Amazing Connection Between Feeders and Feedees

Nothing makes us happier than having someone like-minded by our side, someone who gets equally excited by feeding or being fed. When we spot someone who's a feeding fetishist, a quick glance turns into a fling which then becomes a full-fledged...

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Panty Fetish

The feel of those silky panties on your skin… There’s nothing quite like it, right? The fabric that stretches over your skin, the delightful texture of material touched by your fingers, the intricate designs and patters on those...

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The Higher the Heel the Hotter it Gets

High heels have their own attraction when it comes to the style and who is wearing them and that is why this high heel fetish will really have a person hot and bothered. Just thinking about that partner who has the tall high heel with laces...

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What Makes Your Role Play Fetish Something to Try!!!

There are many things in life that can bring you the satisfaction that you desire, but there is nothing like having a fetish in role playing that can really make things hot and spicy under the sheets. There are many types of role playing that...

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