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The Higher the Heel the Hotter it Gets

The Higher the Heel the Hotter it Gets

High heels have their own attraction when it comes to the style and who is wearing them and that is why this high heel fetish will really have a person hot and bothered. Just thinking about that partner who has the tall high heel with laces that go as far as the sky while wearing nothing more is a trend that occurs in many people. Not saying that all high heels have to be the booted look but can also fall onto the smaller types that really give that female height like never before. There’s something to be said about what a high heel can do for a woman’s figure and how it really shows off their curve, especially when they know how to rock them.


Wearing Only Heels Behind Closed Doors

Now take that thought and bring it into the bedroom and imagine someone buck naked with only heels that drive you crazy, just like in movies where those shoes never come off. This is many guys’ fantasies and with this high heel fetish a person can do so much. People might think that it has to do with a foot fetish but that is not completely correct. As both men and women do get hot and bothered just by the simple thought of a hot, styling and sexy heel and will do anything to make that pleasure turn into an orgasm.

Why the High Heel Fetish is a Turn On for Many

A high heel fetish can take you to places like you have never been before, from a simple role play to something exotic in the bedroom. Whether your fetish is a simple high heel collection or something even more where wearing a female’s high heels really gets the juices flowing; having a high heel fetish can really take a person a long way. There are many ways to take this fetish to the next level and when that fetish is found to be something truly enjoyable when used in the way the person wants, it can provide the pleasures like no one has experienced in the past. High heel fetish is not as uncommon as people tend to believe and that is why knowing what you like is what will give you the pleasure you deserve.

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