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Panty Fetish

Panty Fetish

The feel of those silky panties on your skin… There’s nothing quite like it, right? The fabric that stretches over your skin, the delightful texture of material touched by your fingers, the intricate designs and patters on those sexy panties; that alone is enough to make anyone crazy with lust, right? And there are so many panties to choose from: g-strings and thongs, the staple white panties, the high cut slips, the elastic yet elegant boxers that make your behind look amazing… So many panties, so little time! And the whole thing becomes even hotter if the panties were worn, right? That intense pleasure, that sensual, erotic feeling of lust that you get when you wear someone’s used panties is just about the best in the world. In this day and age, we don’t have to resort to secrecy and occasional theft of panties – there are so many hot people who sell their used panties online that it’s crazy!

Nothing beats good old pantyhose (also called “tights” across the pond); the elasticity, the soft fabric, the whole ordeal is so pleasurable, so intense that it’s crazy! Of course, panty fetish often goes hand in hand with other fetishes – for instance, you can adore panties and also love feet, or you can prefer to wear panties with other specific pieces of clothing. Perhaps high heels, skirts, uniforms like secretary, nurse, flight attendant… There are people who prefer certain types of panties: patterned, see-through, opaque, certain shades of panties (skin shades, colors, white) or simply want to watch girls who are wearing them, not wear them themselves. Whatever you personal preferences regarding panty fetish are, it’s still amazing, right? The experience of wearing panties and even sharing your panty fetish with partners is highly erotic and sensual; it increases the trust and bond between the two of you! Just imagine: you can easily find your next partner on special websites like FetishAlt - Panty or groups and forums and then discuss worn panties, which panties are the best… And maybe your partner will gladly share her worn panties with you and show you her wild side! Panty fetish is becoming more and more mainstream with each passing day, and well off: it’s so good that it’s a shame to miss it!