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Bodybuilding Women Get Me Hot--and So Do 'Regular' Women

Bodybuilding Women Get Me Hot--and So Do 'Regular' Women

I've got lots of guy friends who see a bodybuilding chick and are instantly turned off. "Too big," they'll say or even, "That's gross," but I'm here to tell you that I'm proud to say I find them attractive. Even better, I'm not the only guy who feels this way; there are lots of us. I personally think there is nothing hotter than a woman with muscles. Female bodybuilders get my juices flowing, so to speak. Unfortunately, society as a whole hasn't caught up with my notion of attractiveness. If we're being honest, what the media has long portrayed as sexy--thin, even emaciated women--is the antithesis of what I think a woman should look like. For me, what could be more attractive than a lady who's strong, with muscles that show she takes care of her body and feeds it foods to keep it healthy? It's this reason why I get a little upset when my buddies are turned off by a fit woman.

What I find really interesting is that I actually know some people who think that, because I like bodybuilding women, I must be gay. I assure you nothing could be farther from the truth. Last I checked, gay means that you find members of your own sex attractive. Just because I happen to prefer that my woman not look like the societally accepted 'norm' doesn't mean I'm gay. You can call me 'gay' all you want; I'm not offended by it. But don't go trying to fit me into the wrong 'box' just because you can't wrap your head around the reason(s) why I happen to like women who bodybuild. To each their own; embrace it.

At the same time, believe it or not, I do find 'norma' looking women attractive too. I'm not attracted to only bodybuilding women. Would I love to have a hot night of passion with someone like Pauline Nordin? Absolutely. But I'm just as interested in having a night of passion with someone like supermodel Ashley Graham. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes and I'm just one man of millions who appreciates the female body in its many different shapes and sizes and, in my opinion, it's time the rest of the world caught up with that way of thinking.

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